Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Courtney was an ordained minister. This came about one night when Staci and BJ were talking about their wedding. We joked that he should marry them. So I went online, typed in his name, clicked OK and bada bing he can officially run a church, start a religion or marry our friends. Honestly it was ridiculously easy. I even paid 5 or 10 dollars for the extra certificate. This then led to us asking Rick to marry us. We followed the same procedure just without the extra certificate. Courtney was so excited to see what sorted anecdote Rick would come up with for the day. (Untold wedding detail - Rick was the only person who was to have a part in the wedding besides the boys. As much as there were others that we love, we were not going to have attendants.) I don't even know how it happened but Courtney began calling himself our "direct link to God". Pretty fucking funny because he even used that line in the ceremony. He loved to call himself that. Everyone did. But now it has taken on a new meaning. This has kept my mind racing all night. Was it in some way his premonition? Was this his way of knowing without realizing that soon he would literally become this persona? This brings in the whole afterlife discussion, which my feelings may or may not be swaying. I have spent countless hours wondering if there is an afterlife. Are ghosts real? If so are they those in our lives that have died or something different? Now neither he nor I are religious, we certainly have faith but in "God" I don't know. Our beliefs are in no way traditional or organized they are what they are but is he now there with whoever it is in charge? Is he putting in a word to improve the "plan" laid out for each of us? I am not looking for a discussion or an opinion just talking out loud. I just wonder was this his warning that none of us not even he saw?

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