Friday, January 2, 2009

Maybe if you show other some compassion, you'll get some! You should be careful what you post online. Your comments on forums could come back to bite you.
December 30, 2008 2:04 PM

This is why I have this blog. I have done nothing but try to give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt since losing Courtney. I have made myself miserable for months trying to put my best foot forward. I have lost a huge part of myself trying to make sure I don't upset anyone. Always saying the right thing, always making sure I am doing for others, always trying to be there as a friend.

You are a fucking coward to come here and talk shit and then not leave your name. Where on earth do you mystery reader get off telling me to have compassion? And in regards to what? Feel free to fess up I think I have been pretty fucking open in my comments. I have also been nothing but respectful by keeping others names out of it so the "guilty" only have to answer to themselves. Unlesss of course you are seeing yourself in my posts could that be where this bullshit comes from?

Compassion for those who made promises to my kids and then broke them? Or should I do more for the people who lie and say they call and visit when we have seen hide nor hair in months? Would the compassion come in the form of me sitting in my home doing nothing for myself or my kids? Shall I sit here for the next 50 years of my line alone with no hope or joy?

I will own every word I have posted. That is why I made this blog known to family, friends and strangers. Does everyone have to agreee? Does everyone have to like it? No not at all but if you don't then either come clean or don't fucking read it.


Jakeysmommy said...


Whoever said that to you vicki is a fucking loser coward. What a douche.

Melanie said...

Vicki - Really after thinking about this --- you've got to know whoever wrote this doesn't know you AT ALL. And honestly doesn't know the struggle you have EVERY day with so many different issues that you have had to deal with since August 4th. Whoever the rat bastard is should stick to comments about people they know and quit stalking people's blogs!!!

And if it is someone who knows even the slightest bit about you and you happen to read this...Fuck off douchebag!!!! If you were trying to upset Vicki - you did a fine job of it bastard!

STACI said...

Who ever wrote this has no idea what you and your kids have gone thru every moment since aug 4th and I cant believe that yet again someone is trying to pass judgement... FUCK ALL THOSE ASSHOLE PEOPLE... The people that are only around when theres a party or only around when there's free beer or food. FUCK YOU!!!! I know that vicki is doing what is best for her and her kids and if you have something to say about that then you should not be scared and put your name on it!!!! Do you really think that COURTNEY would want her home sitting on the couch doing nothing.... FUCK NO!!! He would want her out with everyone and having a good time.... SO FUCK ALL YOU SELFISH ASSHOLES THAT CANT COME AROUND BECAUSE ITS TOO PAINFULL...... ITS PAINFULL FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Heads up- The cunt bitch who has been posting the comment you received got caught red handed.

Melanie said...

what!?!?!? I have been checking in to see who left you that comment...and I just read Carmens...spill it woman!